Why do you use toner?

This is a question I get a lot. Toner is one of the most important steps in skincare, as it completes the cleansing process. Stress and environmental factors can turn the skin’s pH acidic. Plus, any time you cleanse, you inevitably strip the skin. So, the point of toner is to get rid of the excess oil, dirt, leftover cleanser and, most importantly, balance the skin’s pH level.

Toner also works to prep the skin for moisturizers, serum and other products. It travels deeper into the pores than creams and washes to kill any lingering bacteria. Specific toners exist to address certain skin concerns such as sensitivity, acne, brown spots, dullness, aging and even pore size.

After cleansing your skin, pour a few drops onto a cotton gauze pad which works best because it doesn’t absorb too much of the liquid.

Smooth a small amount across your face and neck adding enough pressure to reach deep into your pores but not too much force as to pull at the skin.

It eliminates dirt, grease and grime to help clear your complexion and make the rest of your products work better!

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